Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She's 14!

14 on the 14th!
Soon to be a high school freshman!
Lots of exciting changes for Hannah!

When she woke up...she found herself behind a crepe paper door!

Her cake represented her first love right now...MUSIC!
It was a coconut cake and I mixed black sugar flakes into the coconut flakes along the sides.

After cake...gifts!!
Books, mugs, room decor, food (yep!) and finally...a phone!!
A sleepover with a couple of friends to follow this week...
All together it makes for a "Happy Hannah Birthday!"


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Rosie likes the door decorations. And she likes the cake! And she really likes all those candles!!!

  2. Happy belated Golden Birthday, Hannah! I hope one day I can buy all of my daughter's birthday presents at the grocery store, too. That is awesome! ;)