Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wow!  Where did the month go?
Well, I know, but I just need to catch you up!

Starting with the end I guess, was Halloween!
No school carnival this year - just trick or treating!

Donald grew pumpkins in the garden this year.
We have plenty for baking and eating...plus lots for decorating too!
He really outdid himself when it came to carving and they were a big hit with the trick or treaters that came to our house!
 Jenelle's design is on the left.
Ivan chose a more traditional design.
This was Hannah's sketch come to life.
Donald's scary skull and...
the favorite of the trick or treaters...
As one little guy said, "it looks like he throwed up!"

Our costumes were a little different this year...mostly they went for scary.
Jenelle's turned out scary...but pretty cute too.
Hannah's had the desired effect...
It didn't last long...the masks almost always come off after a short while.

and then finally Ivan.
Ivan wanted to be a werewolf for Halloween.
We found a great costume with a mask and matching "gloves".
It even had a little electronic noise maker that howled when he pushed a button.
We didn't open the costume up until the night before Halloween and when we did...the rubber smell that came off the mask was horrible!!
Ivan put in on his head and took it off immediately.  The smell was so strong and disgusting!
He probably would have passed out from the fumes before the trick or treating was over!!

So...in the 11th hour he decided that he wanted to be a "classic" ghost.  
It was really pretty sad and funny at the same time.
Just a sheet...with some holes. 
And the holes wouldn't even stay where they should so he ended up spending most of his evening trying to pull the sheet back down.
He said it was hard to eat candy by shoving it through his eye holes!
Ha ha!
It's definitely a costume we'll remember though.

Of course the evening wouldn't have been complete without our friends Jack and Colin!!
Dr. Death and Cowboy Colin!!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!
Here's to wondering what next year will bring!!


  1. Aunt Joanna and RosieNovember 1, 2011 at 1:35 PM

    Everyone looks great! We love the costumes. Rosie keeps laughing. And trying to get to the keyboard to type something to y'all! Jenelle is scary cute! Hannah is creepy! And Ivan is (I'm sorry) ADORABLE! AND as always it's nice to see Jack and Colin - great costumes, guys! It was a fun first Halloween for Rosie, too. Looking forward to the years to come!

  2. Oh, how could I forget... the Jack O Lanterns are AWESOME!!! I bet they were a hit!

  3. Hi Rosie!! You were the prettiest flower I've ever seen!!

    Ivan is cute...he can't help it - even wearing a sheet!

  4. It looks like your kids are just as creative and talented as you are! Happy late Halloween!