Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fair!!

I love the fair!
I love the rides, the people watching and the food.
I especially love the lights and the look of it all when it gets dark.

I think we're so lucky to have a huge fair like this right in our town!
This year we went with our great friends...you guessed it...the Sentz family!

Hannah and Jack were able to head off on their own for a while.

And the other three hung out with the boring old grown-ups!
They don't look too upset about that.

They rode rides that they enjoyed...

And some rides...not so much...
Ivan in particular...

The food was awesome!
You just want to try everything!
Sugar seemed to be the theme of the food we chose.

All good things do come to an end, but here are sights to remember until next year...
This picture is cool because I actually caught Hannah and Jenelle in the shot - it was a fast ride, so I got pretty lucky!

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  1. Very cool photography! I love the colors and lights and action shots...

    What fun! We love fairs, too. Yum - corndogs!!!