Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I thought I'd better get some pictures in of fall because believe won't be around for long here.
We are already seeing temperatures in the low 20's at night and the passes are going to get snow this week.

But, for now,we are enjoying autumn.
The sun is out.
The colors are incredible.
And that wonderful end of the year / holiday time feeling is in the air.
 Our pumpkin harvest...
 fall mums...
gorgeous golden leaves...
 from our amazing birch tree...
and my ever present helper.

The kids have a money making opportunity this fall.
Donald told them that if they rake leaves throughout the season, he'll pay them $20 at the end.
His original offer only included Ivan and Hannah, but as you can see, Jenelle assumed she was part of the plan.
How can you refuse a little helper?
So now she's included as well.
Last weekend, after some time raking, Hannah came in with a complaint about Ivan.
Can you guess what it might be?
Um yea...
you guessed correctly.
We've had to talk about exactly HOW you earn the actually have to do some work!

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  1. Gorgeous Fall! Oh how I love thee. And MISS thee... The smell, the colors, the cool/cold temps...

    Ivan!. LOL! Oh, goodness. Picking up each leaf up one by one - that might take you all year! While I admire your technique, I also want you to get that $20 at the end...