Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stay Tuned for More Info

Let's just say it will involve these people...

going to this place...

without these kids...

Yes, I know its borderline illegal to leave your kids behind on a trip to Disneyland, but we are mean and nasty that way!
I will proudly hang my "Worst Parent of the Year" award!
I can't wait to spend a week alone with my husband!

Actually, the kids have taken it quite well.  They were reminded of all the fun they had this summer and our plans for the new year.  They get a week with Granny and Grandpa and I think they are scheming all kinds of treats and favors.

What am I looking forward to the most?
Moving through an airport without a child!  Small, but important pleasures!

What will I miss the most?
Those faces for sure!


  1. Fun! When do you leave on your trip? Can't wait to hear the details! And I love the pictures of your kids!

  2. Grandparents are here and we leave on Sunday! Excited and a bit sad (must admit) to be away from them for a week! It will go by fast though! :)

  3. Love the pictures with children and frames! Great idea,