Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Season is Here!

I LOVE this time of year.
I loved it in Texas.
I loved it in Cheltenham.
But I love it best in Yakima!

There's nothing that says "fall is here" better than fresh apples!
And we live in Apple Country - that's for sure!

Some good friends of ours have a fruit farm and gave us a load of Gravenstein apples...they're best for baking and cooking.
So, I decided to can some applesauce this weekend.

The pictures make it look nice and neat...but its a big mess and takes quite a lot of time.  Best to dedicate a whole day to getting it done!
I canned smooth applesauce - like the kind you buy in the store - and chunky.
It turned out sooo good!

After apples, I moved on to these guys...

These are called pluots and you can read about them here.
If you ever get a chance to try one of them, you should.
I'm not a fan of plums OR apricots, but they sure go nicely together.
I made several jars of pluot jam...delish!

And I must say, it can get lonely in a kitchen all day.
But, not if you are kept company by a tall...


and handsome...

new refrigerator!!!
Sorry for the bad picture...I was shaking with excitement!
We finally said goodbye to the old short white fridge that came with the house and bought one that we had the kitchen remodeled for!
A FANTASTIC deal as Sears over Labor Day weekend was too hard to pass up and Donald figured I had it coming with all the money I've saved in groceries over the past couple of years.

Our old fridge is in the basement providing extra freezer room and keeping beer cold other refrigerator responsibilities.

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  1. I LOVE Fall! It's my favorite season. And I loved Fall in New England. And I loved (last year's) Fall in Yakima! Oh, how I wish I could have a fresh apple. And those yummy pear-apples... Where did you learn to can? Is there anything you can't do?!?!

    My, that is a nice refrigerator!!!