Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello Trombone!

We have a new instrument in the house.
Ivan's in 4th grade this year and that's when the kids at St. Joe's get a chance to try different instruments and choose one to learn.
All summer he planned on the trumpet, but after his hands-on introduction to the instruments at school, he came home with a sheet of paper that says, "Ivan is going to play the trombone".
Oh really.
Well, why not?

We picked it up last Wednesday.  I figured they'd have smaller versions that fit kids his size...but it's one size fits all!
Thank goodness for rental contracts - these guys run around $950!!

He took it to school the next day and his teacher showed him how to put it together and how to make noise with it.
Yea...that's all he can do right now - spit in it blow in it.
The reading music part is coming soon though.
Oh, and he's pretty good at making toot noises while shaking his rear at me.

I think it's pretty cool and I'm anxious to see how he picks up on music and practice, etc.
In just two more years when Jenelle gets her turn, we may be able to hit the road as a traveling family band.


  1. Brian played the trombone from 6th grade to his senior year! He wanted to play the trumpet, but they already had enough of those... so trombone is was! SO funny! I hope that traveling family band works out!

  2. Great pictures! The trombone always looked like fun! Hopefully Ivan will soon learn something besides spitting and tooting. :)