Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Larry, Jog-a-thon, Birthdays, Bike rides!

Lots of updating to do! Now that its slow on the crafty front and all my favorite tv shows have come to and end "sob" (Lost, Survivor and Amazing Race), I will try once AGAIN to blog more regularly. I don't think I'll get around to once a day, but several times a week is certainly do-able.

For those of you curious about Larry...and I know there are some of you...he is doing wonderful!

Donald doubled the size of our garden this year and made plenty of room for Larry to grow! I'll be taking pictures of him every couple of weeks to track his progress. He's looking good!!

Just Jog!
The jog-a-thon this year was a huge success for our school! The goal was $30,000 and $35,000 was raised! This money goes directly to the teachers and classrooms! Yea! This event is an awesome example of positive peer pressure. The kids - and I mean all of them, not just mine - always amaze me at this event. From pre-school on up, big or small, athletic or not, they run their hearts out! Here's some highlights...

Ivan getting his shirt signed. This is a fun tradition!

Jenelle and her best friend Chloe!

Man she's an awesome runner, but how do those tiny matchsticks carry her around so many times?

Hannah and her best friend Amanda!

Birthday Girl!
Jenelle turned seven a week ago!
She didn't want a big party, so we had a small celebration on the day of her birthday and then went to see "Furry Vengeance" with her friend Chloe (see jog-a-thon pics above) and had a pizza dinner.

And as you can see, she didn't have a traditional birthday cake...she had some of that delicious chocolate pie!!

Bike Riders!
Now on this next topic, you'll just have to take my word for it, because we don't have any proof. But this past Sunday, my friend Renee and I went on a bike ride in the Yakima Canyon!

(photo taken from this Washington RV Campgrounds website.)

The canyon is closed off to traffic once a year (a Crime Stoppers fundraiser) and people can ride their bikes from one end to the other and back for a 35 mile round trip excursion - without the worry of traffic. Because of the nature of the landscape, there are gentle hills and grades. Well, that's how they advertise it anyway...gentle...hmmm.
So, we got going and eventually stopped to rest and refuel at the halfway point.
At that time, we were both exhausted. For me it was certainly a different workout as I haven't ridden a bike in years. The sky was looking pretty nasty in the direction we were headed and so as soon as Renee started to breath the words...I shouted "YES! I'm ready to turn back!" I figure 16-17 miles is a good start for getting back on the bike!

So, content that we had made a great effort, we were happy to turn back. Ironically, the nasty sky we saw was actually coming our way! We were hit with rain and sleet on our return! It was cold and miserable for the last 2-3 miles, but the feeling (once feeling came back into my hands) was great and I'd definitely do it again...going for the distance next time!


  1. AWEsome stuff! Glad to see Larry is doing so well. The children look great! What a wonderful fundraiser for the school! And Michelle, I am mucho impressed!

  2. Jenelle, we loved your note to us. You gave us smiles and warm feelings.

    Ivan, glad to hear you are going to play music next year and the trumpet is a good decision.

    See you soon,