Saturday, May 29, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

Hannah plays the clarinet...and she plays it very well. She had a band concert last Monday and was the best clarinet player there.


Not long ago, she approached me about not playing when she starts 6th grade in the fall, but we talked about the importance of extracurricular activities and also what a gift it was to be able to read and play music. I heard a quote once from a musician. He said, "No one ever grows up and says, 'Man! I sure wish I had never learned to play the piano!'" Tru dat! Most of us wish we HAD taken an opportunity to learn.

There's also pretty cool research out there that indicates musical training can enhance the brain's development and function. It sure couldn't hurt.

The kids are fortunate to have an opportunity in 4th grade, at their school, to learn an instrument. Ivan's turn will come in the fall. He's leaning toward the trumpet.

Since our talk, Hannah's started enjoying playing more. Her band teacher told her she is good enough that she would probably make State if she plays in high school. We are so proud of her!


  1. Hannah, I love your outfit for the concert. You look so wonderful. We so enjoyed your concert when we were there and we are so glad you are keeping music in your schedule. That is one thing I wish I had done when I was young.
    See you soon. Granny

  2. Oh, yes! She is so Very Lovely!

    So true, Hannah! Now that I am older I wish I had kept up with my piano practice. I stopped taking lessons when I entered my senior year of high school and I am sooo blessed that I have my skills (although I am "rusty"- I need to practice, even now). I promise that if you keep it up, you will not regret it! Love you!