Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cross County

Ivan's season in XC ended last week.
He had a final race and ended his year with a PR (personal record) of 19:16 for a 3 mile course.
He's come a long way.
We were laughing about how in the past few years he used to go for a jog in our consisted of about a mile around in his Vans.
At the beginning of the summer, he started running with the Ike XC team in preparation for his freshman year.
During the time trials, he was running about an 8 minute mile.
His hard work and dedication paid off - along with an amazing team and coaching staff - and today he's shaved almost 2 minutes off that time!

Here's a few pictures from the big XC meet in early October that is hosted by Ike...the Sunfair Invitational.
Ivan is #536...on the left side of the picture.
 Ivan placed 41st out of a race with 149 kids!!
Now that the season's over he'll get back an average of 20 hours each week to himself.
No more morning or afternoon practices.
But the running will continue so he stays in shape and ready for track season in the spring and XC again next year.

Jenelle, who hung out with Donald and I all afternoon while we volunteered at the meet, got bored.
She decided to get creative with some fading rose bushes at the park.
Always good at entertaining herself...and us too!

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