Sunday, October 18, 2015

The State Fair!

Another year in the books for the Baumbach trio at the fair!
Donald declined.
Hannah would be coming later in the evening with friends.
The three of us managed to wait until the last day...but it was as good a day as any!!
We started with the Ag Barn which you might be surprised to know - is actually one of their favorite things!
 A great use of a very strange gourd!
Next we went upstairs to see the student art.  
Both kids had art in the display this year!

This is art using Jenelle's name...
This is called "Junk Art"...
And this is a sculpture Ivan made of Matt Smith.  
You'll know who that is if you're a Dr. Who fan...
Next we went to the carnival rides.
Jenelle was excited about the new roller coaster they had.
She went solo but that didn't stop her from having fun!!
She rode a few more...and Ivan rode a few.  
What cracks me up as I go over the pictures is how my kids act like "no big deal" on the rides!
I swear - they told me they had fun!!
We took the gondola to the other end of the park...
We stopped at the petting zoo and this was probably my favorites spot this year.
The animals were just soooo sweet and gentle!
This guy was really a favorite.
Could be the funniest animal picture I've ever taken.
I can think of a thousand captions for this one.
 Soon after this precious moment, Ivan lost his food AND cup!
 PLEASE let me have one!!
A cute little girl working at the fair.
(I'm telling you this specifically so you understand those are NOT Jenelle's fingernails!)
(Although they have looked like that before!)
 Killing me with the eyes!!!
But later I found the cutest animals of all!!
And of course there was food...
The boy would have spent his entire day in front of these if he'd been able!
We had different treats throughout the day.
I mean, it IS fair food!
They each got to choose another fun activity.
Jenelle chose the bungee jump...
And Ivan chose to jump on to a giant pillow??
The years are flying by and these types of days are slipping through my fingers rapidly.
I'm grateful for them all.

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  1. My goat caption is extracted from Adam Sandler's "The Goat".