Monday, February 16, 2015

Texas & Legoland

Hannah and I weren't the only ones having fun last summer.
The day that we left for Europe, Ivan was returning home from a solo trip to Texas - where he was being treated to so much fun and making special memories with family!

After Hannah and I left and Ivan arrived at the airport, Donald and Jenelle picked him up and the next day, caught a flight for Legoland in California!
A surprise for both of them!

A really special treat came for all of them when they were in the Lego building room.
Lots of kids were there and Ivan worked on a dragon head that he got to put up on the cool creation shelves.
The woman in charge of the creation room, Renate, started a quiz for the kids there with the prize being a small Lego set.
The rules of the game were that if you were under a certain age, in order to win, a parent must be present.

Donald and Jenelle had already left to go get some Dippin' Dots.

The quiz question was, "What does Lego mean in Latin."
One kid guessed, but got it wrong.
Ivan knew the answer..."I put together".
He answered the question, but then told her he couldn't win because his dad had left the building.
Well...his honesty paid off big time!

Renate was so pleased that he had been truthful up front, that once Donald and Jenelle returned, she rewarded all three of them with a very special tour - something that rarely happens.
They got to go into a room where the Lego bricks were actually made.
An extremely rare treat for visitors to Legoland!
They were given a personalized Lego for all five of us, but Ivan got a little extra.
His Lego sat on top of another that holds the plastic beads used in the manufacturing process, and that was stuck on top of some red extruded Lego plastic! 
An incredibly cool souvenir for a kid who loves Legos!
And incredibly proud parents!

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