Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random Memories from Europe

There are a few more pictures that I want to share from our trip this summer.
Not important in the big picture...but pieces that make up the story anyway.

Always beautiful.
I could go back and back and back.

In every city there was graffiti.
There seems to be a universal desire for some people to spray things with paint.
Sometimes its sad and awful, but other times it can be pretty interesting.
Hannah captured a couple of pieces of "street art".


Paid toilets were always so much fun.
Loved having to find the right change in order to use the bathroom.

When we left the city of Cologne, we took a train a short ways out of the city center.
Once we got off the train, we had to walk a short ways to our room for the night.
I think this cat liked us and wanted to come with us, but I don't speak German so I couldn't be sure.

These were a couple of the staples of my diet on the trip...
Bi-Fi sticks (pronounced Bee-Fee) and cheese sticks.
Smoked salmon sandwiches!
WHY don't we have these readily available in the US?!


More from the German Alps.

We didn't bring home much in the way of souvenirs...mostly just our photographs and memories.
There was the "not spending too much money" thing PLUS the "can't squash anything else into my back pack" thing.
I brought a small pink leather coin purse to Jenelle and some gorgeous rocks from the Italian beaches for Ivan.
I also took home a cool bag of Italian pasta - crazy pasta!
And from Bavaria until the end of the trip, this trusty German grocery bag saved me - and as you can see - actually gave its life so that I could carry more crap around!

And so it comes to and end...finally!
Amazing adventure - amazing memories!
What does 2015 hold for the next Baumbach family adventures?!

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  1. HAHAHA! The cat / German comment. Hilarious. How will you ever bring yourself to eat that "crazy" pasta?