Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break Seattle - Day 2

Day two!
We started with breakfast at a wonderful place we've been before called Bacca's.
Awesome fresh squeezed juice blends and amazing omelettes!
It's also close to Pike's Market where we were headed afterward anyway!
I never get tired of seeing this sign!!

I'd heard of "the gum wall" a few times before, but never seen it.
Apparently some wall in the area where people smashed their gum against the wall.
We were told it was in Post Alley...
I was having a hard time finding it (didn't realize Post Alley was split up), so I asked a guy working in the Market.  
His response was "'s gross!"
But he told me where to find it anyway!

I can't tell you how much stinkin' gum was on that wall!
The layers were so thick!!
I seriously couldn't push my gum up against the wall, so I decided to throw it and hope it stuck.
It didn't...and Donald told me that was such a "mom" move!
(there it is...forever to be stepped upon)
 Close up of Jenelle's gum!
Ivan...hardly being able to put his gum on the wall!
 The other side of the alley had cool/strange/colorful/unique art and graffiti.

Afterward we went upstairs to the main market.
There was this crazy fish set out on ice amongst all the salmon ($27.99 per pound for salmon!!??)
I'd never seen a monkfish before, so I took a closer look...
All of a sudden it started moving and flopping around!
I screamed and jumped did Ivan and Jenelle.
One of the employees saw us taking a close look and went behind the counter where I suppose they have a rope/string or something attached to the back end of this thing.
They pull it and the fish starts moving!
So freaky...but extremely hilarious!!
Oh the flowers!
They are always gorgeous!!

More of the market to explore...

We found a very uptight fruit and vegetable stand...
Oh good grief!!!  I seriously only just noticed that lizard as I was typing this!!!
Not even sure if its real or a toy!?
I'm so glad I obeyed the sign!!!
How are you supposed to buy any fruits or vegetables here??

Donald ended up buying a handmade and leather belt from a vendor.
Then we found a spice market we had been in before and I bought a few spices for curries.
After that we headed out of Seattle and back toward Yakima.
We stopped for a bit of shopping and lunch in Bellevue.

The Lego store...
...and Claires!
Way too many decisions!!

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  1. Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. The gum wall sure looks neat, but GROSS!

    Ivan's eyes sure light up when he sees Lego paraphernalia!