Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break Seattle - Day 1

The next two days of spring break we spent in Seattle with Donald.
We had gorgeous sunshine!
A rare treat for our Seattle visits.
We went places we had been before, but some new places too.

We walked from our hotel on the Waterfront to Seattle Center.
I never get tired of seeing the Space Needle.
It's just so cool and even more so with a beautiful blue sky backdrop.

Our first stop was the EMP Museum...Experience Music Project.
I wasn't able to get a great shot of this amazing building...its worth your while to take a minute and look it up!
Funkiest architecture ever!
Here's just one side of it...

The focus of the museum is music, Pop Culture and Sci-Fi.
The exhibits during our trip included Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix in London, Icons of Science Fiction and Lure of Horror Film!

Of course there were instruments everywhere!
And a recording/sound area that the kids enjoyed...particularly Jenelle...

Ivan's thrills were at the Sci-Fi exhibit!
These costumes and props were from actual episodes of Dr. Who.
Mind blown!
Green screen fun!

There was an area dedicated to amazing architecture..."Block by Block".
Guess what they were built out of?
We could have left Ivan there for the rest of the day...

There was this really strange screen in the horror film area.
If you stood in front of it and moved yourself around, strange shapes and "things" would come off of you.

And then finally we stopped at the Fantasy exhibit where Ivan was in heaven AGAIN...with a lifesize dragon sculpture!
Donald found this place before we went to Seattle...
I think he scored major points!

After the EMP we went to see an IMAX and killed some time waiting for the movie to start.

After the IMAX, we visited Chihuly Glass and Garden.
Dale Chihuly is an artist from the Seattle area.
His glass sculptures are so incredibly amazing!
My camera and photography skills don't come close to doing the colors and textures justice. 
Whatever you see on my blog looked 100 times more amazing in real life!
It was all just a beautiful combination of light and glass and color!
 And my favorite Space Needle picture!
We finished our first day with a walk through the Olympic Sculpture Park...
...and dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Now for some rest as more adventure awaits!

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