Friday, October 12, 2012

Pirate Plunder!!

Last weekend Renee, Donald and I ran in a race called the Pirate Plunder Adventure Race.

Described by the creators as a "4+ mile obstacle course race that combines ever-changing terrain (true) with 15+ obstacles (there were 17) to test your strength (no problem), stamina (not so much), and love of mud (not at all)."

I've never done anything like this before and decided, with Renee's initial encouragement and quote that "life is a verb", it was time to put to use all the work I've put into working out!

The result?

Several organizations in Yakima worked to put together an amazing event.
I believe there were between 800 and 900 people who came out to participate.

It was a sunny, but very chilly start to the day.
There were plenty of pirates around to get us in the spirit of things!

After hanging around for a while, we got prepared for our 10:30am wave start.

The race started with an approximate 1.5 mile run.
I really didn't like this part - it was like getting the worst part over with!
I love cardio - give me a step or kickboxing class any day!
I just don't enjoy running.

But up ahead were the fun parts!
A company called Sportraits was at a few of the obstacles we faced and took some great pictures!
Yea - I'm lucky!
Not quite as cool looking as Donald and Renee, but I'm over!!

Renee's husband was able to capture us on a few more obstacles.

And we all managed to finish after completing our last obstacle of crawling through a 40 foot mud trench...with wires that kept you down low!
Good job Donald!
About 9 minutes after Donald, "Team Awesome" crossed the finish line.
I just came up with that name because, well, we were are awesome!

The fire department was there to hose us down.

And just like that it was over!
We changed into some dry clothes and discussed the race over a cold beer.

It was worth all the discomfort and filth and I'll do it again without a doubt!

Could our next stop be The Amazing Race??