Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Sparkly Ice Christmas

This may be all the "snow" we have this Christmas...there is none in the forecast.
But this certainly is pretty.

Fog comes in during the night and the temps are so cold that it freezes on anything it can cling to.
The sun finally came out today and the blue skies added beautiful contrast to the white ice crystals.
I was able to capture the scene before it melted away.

One of the last leaves hanging on the maple tree...

Branches where a bird named Mohawk hung out not too many months ago...

Sanchez is spending a cold winter waiting for our next year's garden...

Hannah's pumpkin..
It got too cold before it had a decent chance to rot.

If you're interested, these were taken with my new camera...auto with no flash and a zoom for some of the pictures.
The colors didn't come out as true as I expected when I uploaded them, so I used the editing software that came with it and was able to change a few things to make them look like I saw them initially through the lens.
I was amazed at the results.  In a few minutes I was able to make adjustments (in brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation) that made the pictures POP!
Yea Canon!
I'm in love!!

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  1. Michelle, your pictures are always so incredible. These make me want to grab something warm and wrap up in.