Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Pictures

Today Donald loaded the software for my new camera.  The learning curve for this treasure is HUGE!
I'm excited and intimidated.
I've just played around with the camera a little...and love it already.
Here's a few pictures.

This is officially the first picture I took...
bad lighting
auto mode
zoom lens

still cute!

Here's Pounce...
he doesn't care about the camera - he's just freezing his butt off!
(Sorry cat lovers - we don't let animals in our house...we already have three)
(P.S.  He has a heated box in the garage for sleeping...don't worry)

Here's proof that its freezing.
Friday night we had a heavy fog inversion that left us with beautiful frosty trees.
They are still like hasn't gotten above 20 degrees yet today

Here are a few Christmas card picture outtakes...
We've had no sunshine for the past few days...just cold overcast skies.
I took a few shots around the Christmas tree and they are cute, but the colors and lighting were just not working.

Then I opened the sheers and took a pictures with what little outside light we had and loved the results much better.
Nothing beats natural light.

So we took the card photo here and they turned out great (imho)!

Obnoxious amounts of more camera fun to come!


  1. Can't wait to see the card! Have fun learning - looks like I'll be learning, too... get ready for more phone calls and e-mails!

  2. Thinking of all of you this Christmas Eve. All of you look great and love the scenery. Brian making sandwiches for us now and lasagna for all of us tonight. Rose is down for a nap. Daniel is here and the Rosses will be here later.