Friday, July 30, 2010

The Story of a Loose Tooth

Once upon a time, Jenelle had a wiggly tooth that she really wanted to lose before we left for Texas.

I told Jenelle that her tooth probably wouldn't come out before our wasn't that wiggly.

Jenelle wiggled her tooth day and night and within a few days, it was CRAZY "just hangin' on" kinda wiggly.

Jenelle started to fear that she would lose her tooth in the swimming pool at the next swim team practice...which was in a few hours.

I told Jenelle that I would pull her tooth out for her.

Jenelle doesn't like pain.

I told Jenelle that it wouldn't hurt.  I took a tissue and made a great effort at pulling her tooth out.


Nothing except a desperate scream from Jenelle to STOP!!...and some tears.

Jenelle was very upset with her tooth and me and swim practice.

I told Jenelle to pull her tooth out by herself - certain that would never happen.

Jenelle surprised us all...and pulling her tooth out with one small tug!

I told Jenelle I was proud of her!

Jenelle went to swim practice happily ever after.

The end.


  1. That is a really great story! Way to go, Jenelle!

  2. Do you see the tiny tear coming down? Cute little face!

  3. OH, now I see it! Ahhh - I wanna give her a hug!