Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's Going on with Larry?

Well, Larry came to the end of his life last weekend...ironically on Ivan's birthday.

Donald wanted to make sure we harvested him before he split and became unpresentable...or unedible.  Whether or not Larry WAS presentable can be left up to you...he was mighty tasty to many creatures who left their marks.  But, love is blind and Ivan was very proud of his he should be!

You should have seen the amount of slugs we found living under Larry - it was revolting!

This is what the leaf of a 28 pound cabbage looks like!

Donald cleaned the cabbage up and we all tried a bite.

Even SHE loved it!

The story has a bit of a sad ending.  The next morning I started to cut Larry into workable pieces.  When I took the first deep slice, I found lots of brown/decaying leaves layered among all the good ones.  Something went nasty inside Larry and we decided, since the cost of cabbage at the grocery store is pretty darn cheap...and we didn't really want to try to consume 28 pounds of cabbage within the week (can anyone say stink!)...we'd have to let Larry go to vegetable heaven...the compost pile!

When school starts I'll send a pictures and information sheet to school with Ivan so he can enter his cabbage in the $1000 scholarship contest.

Go Larry and thanks for the memories!

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  1. Wow!!! Ivan, good job! What an amazing Larry! Good luck - I hope you are awarded the scholarship. I love this story despite it's ending :( - thanks for the updates.