Monday, April 4, 2016

Hikes with Hannah

Because Hannah is taking half high school courses and half college classes, she doesn't get a full spring break like the years past.

A few weeks ago she had her time off from the community college, so she'd go to school in the morning at Ike and then come home around 11:30 each day.

So on a couple of those days, we took off on a local walking/hiking adventure. 
The first day we walked the Greenway and ended up at the Arboretum.
The weather is warming up a bit and things are starting to bloom.
Taking serious photographs was our goal!

The second time out we walked from Naches Heights Winery down into Cowiche Canyon.
A beautiful day and a lot of fun!
Better views, a lot more silliness and of me!!
I know that these days of being together like this are numbered.
In a year and a half Hannah will be leaving home and these opportunities won't come so easy.
I'm soaking them up while I can.

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