Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ivan's 8th Grade Graduation

So obviously this is a bit overdue considering summer is half over.

Ivan is on to high school!
Can't believe it!
Two in high school and only Jenelle left at St. Joe's.

Granny and Grandpa came from Texas to share in Ivan's special time.

Ivan had been chosen by his classmates to be the speaker for their graduation like I had told you about in a previous blog post.
We figured with that honor as well as it being graduation, he should look sharp.
He got a new pair of slacks and a tie to go with a fantastic jacket that Aunt Susan had sent him last year.
Amazingly, the jacket was a perfect fit!
Turns out he was the only kid wearing a jacket...and he looked so sharp!

We took some pictures before we left the house...
 Someone is trying to look taller!
 The men...
 And the ladies...
Pictures with friends...some he's had for the past 9 years.
None of whom are going to Ike in the fall.
He's be on his own!
His long time friend Patrick is on the left..
They've been friends since the start...
Ivan and Justin.
 Hannah and Amanda did this just two years prior, but it seems so long ago already!

Yea!  He's officially done with middle school!
We're so proud of Ivan!
He's going to have a great freshman year at Ike...I can just tell!
He's growing up so much right now, but he's always going to be my little man!!

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