Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Note from a Teacher

We are preparing for a week long vacation in the middle of the end of the year school preparation.

Ivan will unfortunately miss a weekend away with his fellow 8th graders, but given the option to stay behind or go on vacation...he chose to come with us!  
(he didn't really get the option - and I don't think there would have been any hard decisions)

He graduates from middle school on 5 June and each year the kids elect someone who will be the speaker for their graduation.

I got this email from one of his teachers today and had to share.

Good morning Michelle,
I am sure Ivan already talked to you, but I wanted to as well.  Ivan's classmates voted him the student speaker for their graduation with 17 votes.  In my four years of planning graduation, there has never been such a clear majority.  The students gave really good reasons for their votes, and I just thought it was really wonderful that when his classmates think of what it means to be respectful, responsible, excellent, loving and faithful, they think of Ivan.  His teachers and you certainly knew this about Ivan, but coming from his peers I think is especially meaningful.  I can't wait for his speech- the English teacher in me is really glad he is also a strong writer. :)

Enjoy your trip!

So proud to call him ours!!

There was no "Week in Pictures" last week and there won't be any the next as I'm spending time getting things ready to go!

But I'll have some great pictures to share when we return and things get back to "normal"...if there ever is such a thing!

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