Thursday, January 8, 2015

Europe 2014 - Paris, France

We arrived in Paris with a few hours before we traveled back to London.
It gave us just enough time to quickly see a couple of things while we were there.
I had been to Paris before and Hannah would be returning for spring break 2015, so we just gave it a quick tour.

From our arrival station we took the Metro to the area near the Latin District.

It was a great spot.
Donald had taken me to the same area when we came in 2005.
And I found the same street...with a whole lot more people on it!
Difference between going to Paris in February and going in July!
We had some delicious food.
Gyros for lunch here...
And Hannah had a lemon and sugar crepe later on that we sadly didn't get a picture of, but it was made fresh right in front of her.

We looked around Shakespeare & Company bookstore.
The inside was great, but I wasn't allowed to photograph anything.

We walked across the river and stood in front of Notre Dame for a few pictures.
The line to go inside was insane and we didn't have the time.

We saved enough time to take a peek at the Eiffel Tower.
When Hannah returns, she will get a chance to go up, but for this trip we were content to just walk around the bottom.

Beautiful...iconic...and gigantic!!

And that was Paris in about 3 hours!

We took the Metro back to the train station, collected our bags and found the waiting area for the Eurostar that would take us closer to home...and English speakers!

Next Stop:  London, England

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