Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Europe 2014 - Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germanay

And now here's more of Hannah's and my summer travel story...

I left off as we were heading out for a day trip to Mittenwald.
Mittenwald is a very pretty German town in the Bavarian Alps.
They definitely started out right by having the prettiest train station we had seen so far!

(Hannah and I had plans for that big mountain in the back!)
We walked into the center of town first to get some lunch.
Pretty!  Pretty!  Pretty!

We ate at a restaurant called Alpenrose and it was just as gorgeous as the rest of the buildings!
Eating in Germany would not be very good for me over a long period of time.
This is what you are served before your meal...just like tortilla chips at a Mexican food restaurant.
Then you follow it up with this...
And wash it down with this...
Probably best to do like Hannah and stick to water instead.

We came to this particular town so that we would have the opportunity to take the Karwendelbahn to the top of this section of the German Alps.
We were so lucky to have a spectacular day!!
Clear at first and then we were at the top of these mountains and watched the clouds come in.

First we walked through the town to get to the cable car.
 Crossed over gorgeous rivers!
 And prepared ourselves to go up this mountain!
It takes you to a chalet with the most amazing feature!
It's a gigantic telescope that you can walk inside to look out over the town of Mittenwald.
Hello there Mittenwald - you're looking gorgeous today!
But not as gorgeous as these two...

Once we got to the top and viewed the town, we looked around and saw that there were many trails that needed to be walked. 
The weather at the top was amazing!  
A cool comfortable temperature that encouraged us to stay for a long time.

As I add these pictures, I realize that even a really great camera can't do justice to the majesty of these mountains!
There are two tiny people in the very center of this photo along the ridge trail.
It lends perspective to what a huge area we were in.
Hannah managed to find some areas that she wanted to explore that nearly drove me to insanity!
As she climbed out and away from me along a narrow trails and higher peaks, I sat in fear and wondered if letting her go there was the right thing...basically because...
But even though I was scared for her, I also knew she had to do it.
Life's an adventure right?
So I sat and looked over the town of Mittenwald and contemplated how I would make that phone call home explaining that I actually LET our daughter fall to the earth!
But she returned safely and did something that she will always remember.
And she was brave...
And brave is awesome and beautiful!

Clouds started to move in and created shadows which allowed for beautiful color.
Hannah took some perfect pictures of alpine flowers...
It was unrivaled beauty!
 And a perfect way to end our adventures in Germany!

Next Stop:  Venice, Italy

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  1. Breathtaking. And let's not think about that phone call too much.