Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Europe 2014 - Unterammergau, Bavaria, Germany

On 15 July, we caught a train from Eisenach station...
to Munich...
Munich was, by far, the biggest train station we had seen on our trip!
This picture only reflects a small portion of it.
We were catching the 16:13 train in the direction of Mittenwald, but getting off in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to catch a connection to our room in Unterammergau.

For comparison...here's the train track in Unterammergau...
Yep...that's the only one!
Time to slow down a bit!
The village was a bit too small for Hannah's taste, but for me, it was just right!  
I could have stayed and stayed and I said that if I ever go missing, you should probably look in  Unterammergau! 

Our host, Verena, was wonderful!
When we arrived, she had a gift wrapped for Hannah because she knew that she had a birthday the day before - so sweet!
(We were crossing our fingers that it could be a German World Cup shirt, but it ended up being an apron and tea towels from IKEA that I'm enjoying very much!)
But never mind!!
Here's our bedroom...
And the incredible view from our balcony!
Isn't this gorgeous!?

The little town was so small - there was no grocery or mini market.
We arrived  in the early evening and were hungry, so we walked to the restaurant in town that Verena recommended called Stern (which means Star).
We passed great homes on the way there and back...
And beautiful barns!

We were given "English" menus.
I put this in quotes, because, honestly...I'm not sure this would qualify as an English translation.
I mean, I do recognize English words...but not really sentences.

Doesn't matter though because the food was delicious!
There were families dining in a room opposite ours, but while we were dining, we had this whole space to ourselves.

Afterward we had a good night's sleep and the next morning we walked to the train platform (just doesn't seem to qualify for a station!) to see Mittenwald for the day and have some adventures in the Alps!

 Nachte Halt:  Mittenwald, Germany

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  1. Wow! That menu! Looks like someone has been using a Google translator.