Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Behind the Curtain...

Bridget...a dedicated and enthusiastic reader of my blog says this about my last post:

"I must know, what is hidden behind that draped cloth?!"

Well Bridget, I'm glad you asked!

I decided to take some photos and show you!
First...about the draped cloth.
Its actually a sheet that Hannah helped Jenelle decorate with flowers from an old Hawaiian lei and thumb tacked to the ceiling.

Here's what's behind it...
 These cool lights were snagged on a trip to Ace Hardware with Dad...
The boas were a gift...birthday I think...that Jenelle thought would look good as valances.
And she was right!
All the colorful jewelry a girl could need!
 And sweet stuffed animals!

So there you have it!
Now you can sleep at night!


  1. I must say (even if it defines me as a feeble old codger) that my first thought was, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." (Wizard of Oz - 1939)

  2. Phew! One of life's great mysteries have been solved. Extremely dedicated and ridiculously enthusiastic, I might add. ;)