Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mt. Clemens Hike

Donald and Ivan are hatching a plan to have a wilderness weekend this summer.
Probably not just yet since the temperatures in the next week are going to be triple digits.
But soon they will head into the wild for some good "father/son" time.
In preparation, Donald thought they should hike a local mountain this weekend.

They woke up at 4am and prepared some food for the adventure and took off.
About 4 hours later, I saw a post on Facebook that they had made the summit!
A gorgeous day for hiking with a beautiful view of Mt. Adams in the background!
They arrived home exhausted but safe!
A little sore this morning as well.
Here are a few more pictures from their day!

Look carefully just to the right of the center and you'll see a rainbow!

The summit!
 They made a great find...that is now sitting on my television...

 Time to head back.
Great day for the guys!

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  1. I've said it before but it's true... you all are so lucky to have such beauty around you. And it is wonderful that you are able to explore such majestic nature. I bet it was great to get away, just the guys - cheers to many more times together, father and son. AND that bone is terrific!