Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Break

It's already a month ago!
Jenelle really got on to me the other day about my bad blogging practices lately.
Just the fact that they check it to read and remember the stories of their life make me want to work harder.
So, over the next few days I'm going to try and catch up.
It seems like a lot happens...then nothing at all, but I think that for a while anyway, there should be plenty to bore you with.

Spring break this year was not quite as exciting as some others have been, but we still managed to get out of town for a short trip.
Donald was busy with work so he suggested that the kids and I take a trip to Leavenworth and stay at a place he had been before called Sleeping Lady - a "mountain hotel resort".
So we did!

On Thursday we drove to Leavenworth which, as some of you know, is a neat little Bavarian styled village in Washington.
Similar to our ski vacation in January, weather was not on our side.
It rained the entire drive there and continued to do so - in a drizzly fashion - during our stay. was still pretty and we still had a great time!

This visit, unlike times in the past, the kids were interested in visiting all the cute shops that are in town.
They each had brought some money and were checking out all their options.
Candy was definitely on that list...
We spent some time in the hat shop...or maybe it was shoppe - I didn't check.
Went into the year round Christmas store...
After shopping around we headed to the Sleeping Lady.
Here's our little cabin in the woods...
Not the whole thing of course, but one of the rooms.
After dinner we found some other little cabins provided for the guests entertainment.
There was a library where Hannah settled for a while with a few books and a game room where Ivan and Jenelle played pool, foosball  and ping pong.
I tried to show them a few things about pool that I thought I remembered from my college days.
They were really stinking at the game and decided to play foosball instead.
When they left the pool table, I thought I'd have a go!
After many attempts at getting balls in the pockets, Ivan said to Jenelle, "Now I know why we're so bad at pool...Mom taught us!"

At the lodge, they have a self-guided art walk.
All around the resort are different pieces of outdoor art.
The most impressive was a Chihuly glass sculpture on a hill outside the restaurant called Chihuly Icicles.
Pictures don't do it justice and I can only imagine what it might look like in the sunshine or snow.
There's nothing to give you perspective, but it's about 9 feet tall.
Really beautiful!
There were Salmon by the river -
Interesting statues of all kinds -
 And lots of places to explore and use your imagination -
On our way the next morning, we found a furry forest friend to send us off!
Actually he couldn't have cared less about us there...he was very busy!
We decided to head into town once more before we left for home.
And its a good thing we did or we'd have missed out on delicious cookies!
And after a bit more walking/shopping around, that was it!
So, we headed home and although it didn't hold the same excitement as being out of was sunny and dry and I was thankful for that!

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  1. I love that your kids photo bomb each other! Check out the picture of Jenelle and the fish. Ivan was later outshadowed by Jenelle in the big "tree gun" photo. Paybacks! You are so right about using the blog to help remember your family stories. That is neat that the kids read your blog and see your take on their life. Hi, kids! See you in August! (PS Your shoppe comment made me laugh)