Thursday, December 20, 2012

44th Birthday (with blurry pictures)

As of today, it actually hasn't arrived yet.
It's due on December 25th.
Of course if the world ends tomorrow, I won't have to worry about turning another year older, but at least I've had my party!

For the past several years, Donald and the kids have celebrated my birthday on random days...sometime earlier than my actual birthday.
I love it!
It's a neat surprise and of course I like having a special day or night just for me.

This year it came VERY early...November 30th in fact.
My gift had already arrived and I was out of the house for the evening.
Donald wasn't sure if and when there would be another time when he and the kids were home without me, so they went for it!

As I drove up to the house I thought it was weird that there were no lights on.
Not even counter lights in the kitchen.
It was totally dark.

I opened the garage door and saw his truck was inside, so they must be in the back family room.
I open the door, but there's nobody there!
The house is completely dark.

I came into the kitchen - set my stuff on the counter and murmured a cuss word.
A small and "innocent" enough word, but of course that is when the lights come on and my family jumps up and yells "Surprise!!"
 But really it was super nice!
I was very surprised!
They (Hannah) even made a cake this year!!
Which apparently Ivan couldn't wait to eat!!
And I received wonderful gifts.
One that I had wished for...
...and one that I didn't expect at all but LOVE!!
I love my family!
And they love me!!

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