Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apples and Jenelle

Not that titles are super important...but I always try to create one that somehow fits the subject of the blog.
This was really all I could come up with for now...and I guess it works just fine.


We have been waiting a long time for fresh apples!
I really don't buy them anymore once they are out of season.
They are always a disappointment.

These are Gala apples from, of course, Johnson's!
The Gala isn't my personal favorite (too sweet), but this is what they are harvesting right now.
And they are pretty darn crispy and juicy!

I love the apples because it means that fall is near and fall in the Yakima Valley is wonderful!

And now...

Approaching fall and back to school bring new activities for the kiddos!
This year is Jenelle's year to start band or strings!
She is also starting a new dance class as well, so we decided to combine the two activities for the purpose of the photo op!

Instead of band, Jenelle chose strings!
She is going to learn to play the viola (pronounced vee-OH-la) - an instrument similar to the violin.
She is very excited about it!
And for dance, she starts a jazz / hip hop class this year.
So jazz shoes and booty shorts were in order!
And no surprise that sparkly, bright and colorful booty shorts were the ones chosen!
I don't blame her!

That's it really.
Just as the title claimed...
Apples and Jenelle!

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